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Garmin MapSource Worldwide Autoroute DEM Basemap NR (3.00)




with footnotes. However, the mapsource won't load, and its error message is, in part, as follows: "The URL cannot be resolved in the current context. External URL references are only supported for sources with publicly available web addresses." However, the mapsource is hosted on a "private" URL, and the error suggests that the Internet Explorer settings may have not been applied. So, what's the solution to this? A: I think you will have to ask the mapping vendor why they decided to use that particular URL. Perhaps if you contact them and ask them to use a different URL or even better, suggest using their SOAP service for the map creation, they may provide a proper URL. I'd guess the mapping vendor made that URL private to keep people like us from scraping the data. It looks like you need a login and password to get to it. The mapsource-it-as-a-web-service protocol is only supported by a few map providers (Adobe, ESRI, CloudMade) which offer the source as a publicly accessible web service. These three providers offer a REST-based API so you can access the sources from your program. If the mapsource has a login-based authentication, then you won't be able to access the data without logging in. Adobe - ESRI - CloudMade - [Impact of antineoplastic agents on oral mucositis and hyperproliferative oral lesions]. Oral mucositis (OM) and hyperproliferative lesions (HL) constitute painful and disfiguring complications of chemo- and radiotherapy, negatively affecting quality of life. This clinical review shows the efficacy of different pharmacological approaches and the potential role of innovative molecules that may result in a reduction of OM and HL without compromising anti-cancer treatment. The role of supportive care, the biostatistical impact of OM and HL and their prevention are also discussed. OM and HL can significantly decrease the efficacy of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, thus, reducing patients' survival. Anti-inflammatory and mucolytic drugs are recommended to control



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Garmin MapSource Worldwide Autoroute DEM Basemap NR (3.00)

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