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Technology that modernizes the ancient art of terrazzo - delivering  more control for designer and contractor, better timelines, and lower cost.


Use the system components alone or in combination to deliver tighter schedules, better precision, and more control on every terrazzo job – large or small.


Interlocking plastic stencils, custom cut to allow precision transfer of custom designs to substrate surfaces, speeds up installation and gives you optimal control of the hand-bent terrazzo strip process.


Precision-cut frames are adhered to the terrazzo substrate as a single unit, ready for aggregate to be poured. Use FrameTek in combination with StencilTek for large projects that require both hand-bent and machine-cut strips.


Create elegant, smooth, no-frame terrazzo surfaces in any design with PrecastTek technology. Individual pieces of precast terrazzo are precision cut and pre-fabricated, ready to install.

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