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Caesars Palace welcomes guests with new 6,000 sq ft custom stone floor

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas main entrance
Epic custom floor greets guests at the main entrance of Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. Photo Credit: Caesars Entertainment

Caesars Palace – Trendsetting since 1966

Las Vegas is known for its over-the-top experiences. Even if you don’t win at the gambling table or tie the knot in a wedding chapel, the food, entertainment, hospitality, and especially the architecture and interior design create jaw-dropping first impressions and vivid memories.

Creative Edge has contributed to the architectural grandeur of Las Vegas casino design and hospitality interiors by working on many stunning custom floors. Most recently, we worked with Frontier Stone Works on a new main entry space at the property that started it all – Caesars Palace.

Caesars Palace began Vegas’ extravagant architecture trend in 1966 with its property that attempted to replicate the opulence of the Roman Empire. The lavish architecture in the new hotel-casino thrilled guests and set the tone for the dramatic architectural spectacle that is now the Las Vegas strip.

Investment in architecture pays off in sustained success

Schematic drawing of custom stone floor
The custom floor design features patterns from ancient Roman mosaics

Ongoing investment in the property and the Caesars Palace brand have contributed to the company’s growth. Their entertainment lineup over the years is proof of their staying power. In 1967, Frank Sinatra kicked things off as the Caesars Palace headliner. In 2023, global superstars and Caesars resident performers Adele, Sting, and Jerry Seinfeld reinforce the Caesars Palace reputation as a trend-setting Vegas icon.

A 2021 renovation of the venue’s main entrance, lobby bar, and adjacent casino spaces is the latest upgrade to the property. The project’s centerpiece is a reimagined main entry space designed by Bergman Walls & Associates Architects. It features a domed ceiling and a 15-foot statue of Augustus Caesar in the center of an epic floor design made possible by Creative Edge waterjet cutting and fabricating.

Demand for quality and tight timelines require Creative Edge professionalism

Creative Edge delivered prefabricated medallions directly to the Vegas job site.

The aggressive 7-month project timeline added to the pressure of working in a construction zone adjacent to a high-traffic public area in an iconic building. Creative Edge was selected to support the project because of our previous work on similarly high-profile projects, proven processes, and experienced people. Our team engineered and cut marble, granite, chip mosaic, and solid tile for 5 large stone medallions inside a 48’ diameter custom floor design that anchors the entire space.

The install team at Frontier Stone Works was pleased with their Creative Edge partnership. Frontier Owner Randy Bukoskey recalled “Creative Edge gave us exactly what we needed. They eliminated any surprises that could slow down the installation. Pre-fabricated sections arrived at the job site on time and were well labeled so my team could get to work quickly.”

Ancient Roman design in a modern space

The floor in the new space that’s designed to welcome and delight guests is a modern rendition of a classic Roman motif. It is exactly what you want to see when arriving at Caesar’s Palace. The black and white Greek key meander border (symbolizing eternity and unity), shield of triangles, and laurel wreaths (symbolizing victory) were inspired by ancient Roman mosaic designs.

Frontier’s Bukoskey shared “We always like working with Creative Edge because they pay attention to the details and know what they’re doing. A big, high-profile project like this doesn’t intimidate them.” Kevin Thornburg, Director of Engineering and Design at Creative Edge explains the facts behind his team’s confidence. “We are really good at working with stone and our equipment can cut dozens of the same design accurately and quickly. We are also focused on minimizing waste, especially when working with high-quality materials like we used on the Caesars project. This project came together well because of these capabilities.”

Repetitive cutting of shapes for patterns and borders is quick, accurate, and easy to install with Creative Edge waterjet cutting technology and fabrication.


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