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Enhance your next project with the timeless beauty of mosaic designs


Mosaic designs add beauty and wayfinding to public spaces

Ancient Roman mosaics used small 4-sided tiles called tesserae, which were hand-cut from marble and limestone. These stone tesserae were used to create floors and delicate glass tesserae created colorful painting-like images on walls. Today, porcelain, ceramic, stone, and glass tiles can be embedded with metal shapes to create beautiful and durable mosaics in architecture like this outdoor installation at Bella Terra Mall in Huntington Beach, CA. Creative Edge cut and pre-assembled the ceramic tiles and metal lettering for the custom designs. These beautiful, one-of-a-kind mosaic designs serve to brand the destination and provide guests with wayfinding information.

Modern Roman mosaics at Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace mosaic floor by Creative Edge

The visual playground at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas is full of ancient Roman iconography. Creative Edge helped create an extra-large mosaic floor that interprets ancient motifs with a decidedly modern flare. The team at Frontier Stone Works installed the floor using marble and granite, precision cut and pre-assembled by Creative Edge. The design featured large scale shapes plus smaller round insets created from tesserae-sized stone tiles. Unlike the uneven ancient surfaces it was inspired by, this floor is perfectly symmetrical, perfectly smooth, and an exact translation of the design by Bergman Walls & Associates Architects. Creative Edge followed CAD drawings supplied by the design firm to complete full assembly of the mosaic insets at our plant in Iowa, facilitating quick and accurate installation at the job site.

Ancient mosaic design example
This 4th Century AD mosaic is the oldest known mosaic example in England. Source: The British Museum

5000 years old and still relevant today

Mosaics in architecture first appeared around 3000 BC. Elaborate examples took years to create. Modern technology and materials make mosaics in architecture a practical and highly accessible design option today. Creative Edge uses precision waterjet cutting and pre-assembly capabilities to help installers deliver an artist’s or designer’s mosaic vision. Mosaic surfaces can be applied to floors, walls, ceilings – virtually any surface.

Get inspired with more gorgeous mosaics

From pebbles to Instagrammable art

The earliest Mesopotamian mosaic examples used pebbles to create geometric designs in the floors of important buildings. Check out this modern-day British artist whose Instagram channel @pebblepicassos seems to be inspired by the ancient technique.

Artist Justin Bateman’s captivating timelapse videos show his process of arranging stones to form stunning impermanent images of people, animals, historical figures, and more.

We discovered some shareable mosaic masterpieces that we thought you'd enjoy

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