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Fundidora Park brings people together around history, community, and art

Permanent Palette. Preserving the heart of a community.

Fundidora Park Mural, Monterrey, Mexico | Artist/Architect, Tomás Güereña
Students participate in educational programming

Once an important industrial center, Fundidora Park in central Monterrey, Mexico is now an educational facility and urban park that showcases the origins of the industrialization and modernization of Mexico.

A World Monuments Fund site, Fundidora Park preserves artifacts of an iron and steel foundry that operated from 1900 to 1986 and is now home to Latin America’s Industrial Archeology Museum. Among the architectural features that bring modernity and meaning to the formerly gritty, high production industrial site is a facade designed by local architect Tomás Güereña presented on an original exterior brick wall.

Workers pre-assemble the mural

Hundreds of pieces of marble, granite, lava stone, and basalt were precision-cut and pre-assembled at the Creative Edge plant in Fairfield, Iowa before shipment and installation on-site at Fundidora Park in Monterrey, Mexico.

The illustration was transferred to a rich palette of marble, granite, lava stone and basalt that are typical of the Monterrey region. Creative Edge design engineers interpreted Güereña’s design for its cutting technology, worked with the architectural team to select colors and finishes, cut individual pieces of stone, pre-assembled, and delivered the work to Fundidora Park for installation using Bostik adhesives. The Bostik company funded the commissioned work, and labor and materials were donated by NuWa Stone and Creative Edge.

The resulting mural showcases the ability of Creative Edge technology to perfectly represent an artist’s vision with precision design and cutting capabilities. According to Jim Belilove, Creative Director at Creative Edge, “This project was particularly challenging because the design demanded tight tolerances. There really was no margin for error.” Because the work is presented in natural stone, it will endure for generations as a tribute to the spirit of the community and its heritage.


Additional work by artist Tomás Güereña


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