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Deliver exactly what your customer needs with custom waterjet cut resized tile

Standard tile sizes can be used in many installations, but resized tiles are often required for commercial or luxury residential projects. Creative Edge makes quick work of bulk resizing any large format slab or manufactured tile into custom dimensions.

Major tile manufacturers call Creative Edge when they need large quantities of tile resized to specific dimensions

Creative Edge works with many major flooring manufacturers and distributors to deliver custom resized tiles when their standard format doesn’t accommodate a project’s specs. Wausau Tile, Daltile, Floorco, ASL Stone, and other notable suppliers come to Creative Edge for waterjet cut architectural materials. We help them make select porcelain, stone, and luxury vinyl tile products readily available in non-standard formats.

1) Ship standard tiles to Creative Edge in Fairfield, Iowa 2) Tiles are precision-cut using waterjet machines calibrated to the material 3) Trimmed tiles are inspected 4) Resized tile is carefully packaged on pallets for shipping


Resize large format slabs or individual tiles

Unlike the intricate shapes used in some of our work, 90-degree cuts from large slabs or individual tiles can be quite simple. It requires minimal engineering, but it does require the right equipment calibrated to the material being cut. A facility large enough to quickly process hundreds of square feet of product is also a must. Creative Edge delivers the equipment, the skill, and the facility for the job.

Hand-cutting thousands of custom-sized tiles using a tile saw is possible for a contractor, but it would add days to the timeline and waste is inevitable. Creative Edge can schedule resized tile projects quickly, finish the cutting job with minimal waste, and deliver finished materials directly to a job site.

1) Ship porcelain slab to Creative Edge 2) No waste waterjet cutting 3) Receive finished tiles carefully packaged and labeled

Uniform size and specialized finishing for installation excellence

Flooring contractors are thrilled when they learn they’ll be using Creative Edge custom-cut tiles. Unlike standard tiles that can have slight size variations resulting from the manufacturing process, tiles that are bulk cut using waterjet have exact dimensions. And size uniformity aids in installation excellence and saves the contractor time. Creative Edge equipment also offers finishing options like straight cut or beveled edges on most tiles so a variety of aesthetic results can be achieved.

The job isn’t done until it’s delivered safely

The final steps – packaging and delivery – receive as much care as the cutting phase. The goal is to eliminate waste due to breakage during shipping, and so far, we have a 99.9% success rate. Finished materials are packaged in tough corrugated boxes and stacked on pallets for shipping using one of our trusted commercial freight partners.  

Many scenarios benefit from custom format tiles. Consider these examples:

  • The design team finds the perfect finish for a mosaic-style installation, but it’s only available in 12x24 planks when the job needs 4x4 tiles.

  • A custom perimeter border means each piece in 2,000 sq ft of field tile must be trimmed slightly to properly execute the design. Waterjet cutting hundreds of tiles is substantially less costly than hand-cutting by the install team.

  • A custom logo with irregular edges will be the centerpiece of tile floors in 15 retail stores across the country. Waterjet cutting tiles for all 15 projects and shipping them direct to each job site facilitates consistent quality and shorter timelines.



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