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Floors for educational spaces help people engage, learn, and practice safe post-pandemic behaviors.

We believe that flooring can lift the spirit of institutional spaces with color, imagery, and brand presentations that unify and comfort students, teachers, and staff. This is especially important in a post-pandemic world where the definition of safe, effective educational experiences is being debated and challenged.

It's a Leapfrog Moment for Education –Brookings Institution

A new report by the Bookings Institution calls our post-pandemic reality "A leapfrog moment" for education. A time of enhanced awareness, innovation – and potential inequality – that represents an unprecedented opportunity to radically improve educational experiences. In the September 8, 2020 report – Beyond reopening schools: How education can emerge stronger than before COVID-19 – they draw this hopeful conclusion "It is hard to imagine there will be another moment in history when the central role of education in the economic, social, and political prosperity and stability of nations is so obvious and well understood by the general population."

The report envisions a movement toward "Powered Up Schools" that are the centerpieces of communities fueled by new partnerships and innovations made necessary by the impacts of COVID-19.

"Powering Up" Education Facilities

The physical spaces that support these "Powered Up Schools" will undoubtedly be challenged to morph along with the expectations of communities. School buildings must become safer, more engaging, and more adaptable. Incorporating anti-microbial surfaces, utilizing outdoor space as classroom space, supporting technology more holistically, and helping students, teachers, and staff to feel safe and connected have become imperatives.

The Need for Clear Communication is Critical

  1. Create a culture of compliance with health and safety protocols on campus.

  2. Use clear, consistent communication with all groups of stakeholders.

These are two of the guidelines from a McKinsey and Company advisory report on post-pandemic considerations for higher education.

Interior and exterior flooring surfaces represent effective means of communicating and creating healthy cultural environments. Designers, architects, and facility managers can creatively utilize durable and affordable semi-permanent commercial flooring materials to remind students of the need for changed behaviors. Safe Distance Flooring by Creative Edge offers solutions for integrating semi-permanent wayfinding into vinyl, carpet, and even outdoor spaces.

Partners in Innovation

School communities are clamoring to get back together. But we are collectively scared and concerned. Those responsible for developing re-opening plans for educational facilities and all commercial spaces have an urgent and important task: infusing spaces and cultures with messages and programs that promote safety, comfort, and compliance. At Creative Edge, we are committed to innovating our capabilities to support the ingenuity of the architecture professionals who will guide us through our challenging present to a brighter, better-than-ever future.


We'd love to help you do more with floors in your space


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