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New products for the post-pandemic new normal

Introducing Safe Distance Flooring by Creative Edge

As offices and businesses begin to re-open after pandemic-related closures, they are looking for new ways to keep customers and workers safe and healthy when in retail, office and all commercial settings.

CreativeEdge has introduced a new product line to help companies get back to business while keeping employees and customers safe. Safe Distance Flooring™ offers a simple-to-install, semi-permanent way to encourage safe distancing behaviors by customers and workers, while delivering more comforting shopping experiences.

“Temporary methods of keeping people 6 ft apart, like masking tape on floors, worked initially but brands and customers need a more permanent solution.” Jim Thompson - EVP, CreativeEdge

Safe Distance Flooring products include carpet and vinyl tiles for semi-permanent to permanent projects, plus adhesive backed stickers for temporary installations.

The standard line of precision-cut, prefabricated tile features familiar symbols that encourage social distancing, which the CDC recommends as the single best tactic for preventing the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. The standard line is available in vinyl, luxury vinyl tile, and carpet tile, with quick-ship options.

Safe Distance Flooring also offers quick delivery of custom-designed, brand-appropriate messaging for floors and other architectural surfaces. Using CreativeEdge experience and technology, and a new emphasis on quick manufacturing processes, any design can be cut into the customer’s own material and delivered ready-to-install into existing surfaces.

“The need for new ways of doing business is urgent and unprecedented,” stated Jim Thompson Executive Vice President of Creative Edge. “Temporary methods of keeping people 6 ft apart, like masking tape on floors, worked initially, but brands and customers need a more permanent solution. We’ve introduced this new line to help heal the wounded psyche of customers, to stand up to the enhanced cleaning regime everyone is trying to follow, and to help brands re-connect with customers and build trust.”

The new line of products is available immediately, with line extensions currently under development.

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Creative Edge’s Jim Thompson talks to Floor Trends Magazine about the launch of Safe Distance Flooring.

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