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First impressions are everything.

Your immediate, subconscious reaction to anything has staying power. If you smile upon first meeting your new boss, you'll likely have a good first day at your new job. If you cringe at the aromas coming from the kitchen of a restaurant you just entered, you probably won't enjoy your meal (if you choose to stay and place an order!)

If you feel welcomed and comforted by the sights in the lobby of a building, the rest of your experience in that space will be pleasant and memorable.

Imaginative and unique experiences in entry spaces welcome guests and make theme feel special. Visual cues embedded into architectural surfaces can delight the senses, communicate brand stories, or offer practical way-finding instructions. Creative Edge has 30 years of experience helping architects and designers craft memorable first impressions in floors, walls, and signs.

Enjoy browsing a few of our favorite entryways and floor medallions:


We'd love to help you do more with floors in your space


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