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9 Steps to gorgeous terrazzo in historic church

View the step-by-step process to replace an aging wood plank floor

The multi-step installation process resulted in a beautiful floor that complements the stunning architecture of the 120-year-old church. The terrazzo craftspeople at Wisconsin Terrazzo achieved this transformation using StencilTek and FrameTek products from Creative Edge and Terrazzo materials from Terrazzo and Marble Supply Company.

“StencilTek took the guesswork out of the measuring and repetitive work and saved a tremendous amount of time.” – Jason Zarwell, President/Project Manager, Wisconsin Terrazzo

The Stunning New Look

The finished space is not only beautiful, but the terrazzo surface will be easier to maintain and will serve the parish community for a century or more.

Step 1 - Demolition

Pews were removed to expose the existing carpet and wood plank floors. Wood planks were then removed.

Step 2 - Subfloor

A plywood subfloor was installed, and all seams were sealed.

Step 3 - Membrane

A crack isolation membrane and fiberglass scrim was applied over the sealed subfloor.

Step 4 - StencilTek

Plastic StencilTek panels pre-cut with the approved design were snapped together over the prepped surface. Spray paint was applied to transfer the design to the prepped subfloor.

Step 5 - Metal Strips over StencilTek Transfer

Using the full-scale StencilTek guides, metal strips were installed.

Step 6 - FrameTek Fabrication

Pre-cut brass FrameTek pieces were cut at the Creative Edge plant and shipped to the church.

Step 7 - FrameTek Install

FrameTek was installed to facilitate the perfect reproduction of the design.

Step 8 - Terrazzo Pour

Various colors of Terrazzo aggregate were poured into FrameTek and the metal strips.

Step 9 - Polish and Seal

The glimmering and durable surface was revealed after polishing and sealing.


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